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Krabi Airport Expansion Nears Completion, Targeting 2024 Inauguration

Krabi Airport Expansion Nears Completion, Targeting 2024 Inauguration

Krabi Airport’s expansion is making steady progress under the supervision of the Department of Airports, having achieved an impressive completion rate of 87.52%. The construction is proceeding on schedule, with the anticipated conclusion set for late 2024. This development aims to introduce new facilities that are slated to become operational by 2025, enabling the airport to cater to an increased capacity of up to 8 million passengers annually.

The comprehensive project encompasses several key components, including the construction of a third passenger terminal, improvements to the existing two terminals, and enhancements to the car park building. The estimated budget for these endeavors is approximately 2.923 billion baht. Additionally, notable advancements are being made in the construction of a taxiway and the upgrade of the airport’s electrical system, both of which have reached a completion rate of 58.20%.

Upon finalization, the three interconnected passenger terminals will collectively cover an expansive area of 68,000 square meters, a significant augmentation of the airport’s current capacity. The enhanced facility is poised to efficiently accommodate up to 3,000 passengers per hour or an impressive 8 million passengers annually, a substantial increase from the current capacity of 1,500 passengers per hour or 4 million passengers yearly. Furthermore, the car park building will undergo enhancements to accommodate as many as 2,000 cars.

Recent data highlights the operational efficiency of Krabi Airport, revealing that between October 2022 and June 2023, a total of 1.69 million passengers were served. Of this figure, 1.37 million were domestic travelers, while 318,550 were international travelers. Projections indicate that by the end of September 2023, passenger numbers are expected to rise to 1.79 million, comprising 1.43 million domestic travelers and 359,561 international travelers.

The expansion of Krabi Airport is an integral part of the nation’s overarching strategy to fortify its infrastructure, thereby stimulating economic growth and enhancing its competitive edge. With the planned enhancements, officials are confident that the airport will be well-equipped to cater to the escalating demand for travel to and from the region, thus fostering increased tourism and trade opportunities within the area.


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