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Kyiv Under Fire and Russia Warns US

Kyiv Under Fire and Russia Warns US

Kyiv Under Fire

Kyiv is under fire and Russia warns the US they will shoot down any weapons given by the US to Ukraine. Russian troops continue to bombard the city of Ukraine and significant damages are being made.

Russia says that any convoy carrying foreign weapons are considered “legitimate targets”. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov issued a warning that they will be shot down. This could spark a direct confrontation between Russia and NATO.

The US recently authorized a $200 million immediate defense aid. The aid includes military education and training for Ukraine. A US official announced that “anti-armor, anti-aircraft systems, and small arms in support of Ukraine’s front-line defenders facing down Russia’s unprovoked attack.”

Kyiv is under attack as Russians move closer to the capital. They are 25 kilometers away from the center of the city. Civilians are constantly in the line of fire as Russia continues the bombing. The city of Marakiv has seen large damage from the bombings. Residential apartments, schools, and a medical facility were damaged.

Chernobyl and Other Cities

On March 9, Chernobyl was hit by Russian attacks and was cut from the electrical grid. It is now running on external diesel generators to keep the reactors working. Russians also took over Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant.

Kharkiv, Mariupol, Mykolaiv, Dnipro, Chernihiv, and Sumy have also sustained a significant amount of damages. Mariupol also shows gasoline stations and apartment buildings destroyed by the attacks.

Zelensky said 12,729 Ukrainians were successfully evacuated.

In Peremoga, in the Kyiv region, civilians were killed when they were they were trying to feel. Seven civilians were killed including women and children.

Zelensky also said that he has seen a “lack of courage from the members of NATO to come together for Ukraine. it’s a huge problem. A philosophical problem of the alliance.” He also announced that about 1300 troops were killed since the war started.

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