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Lights, Camera, NKFA-BIFF! NKFA-Bangkok International Film Festival: Celebrating the Art of Cinema!

Lights, Camera, NKFA-BIFF!
NKFA-Bangkok International Film Festival: Celebrating the Art of Cinema!

NKFA-Bangkok International Film Festival

Nava Karnataka Film Academy India (NKFA) and Paul Narula Academy Bangkok Thailand (PNA), with Indo Thai News as the media partner, jointly present the NKFA-BIFF-(Bangkok International Film Festival) on 28th & 29th January 2023.

The event aims to showcase the best of International and India-Thai Cinema. It will also incorporate screenings, lectures, discussions, and workshops for the personal and professional development of the participants.

NKFA-BIFF is a unique event providing an international platform for all talented filmmakers worldwide. Directors, writers, poets and more from across the world interact and collaborate in the immensely creative and energetic environment of NKFA-BIFF.

NKFA-Bangkok International Film Festival

What does the event offer?

The NKFA and PNA recognise excellence in Asian Cinema, especially Indian and Thai Cinema.

The event opens new perspectives, makes new connections, and promises a creative synergy between the film industry and other creative disciplines.

NKA-BIFF celebrates the majesty and might of cinema, catering to diverse audiences. The event presents movies from various categories to entertain and enthral the audience.

NKFA-BIFF is motivated to reach out and heal the mind and soul of every community worldwide through the art of cinema.

Filmmakers, film fraternity, community film critics, film buffs, students & International and National film distribution agencies/companies participate in this event, which gives Asian audiences a platform to interact and engage with prominent dignitaries for guidance.

It is the perfect opportunity for movie buffs and art lovers of all ages and backgrounds to witness the transformational cinema that has the power to transcend the silver screen and offer a larger-than-life experience.

The audiences can enjoy various activities such as film screenings, master classes, fringe events, industry discussions and awards ceremonies that cater to their creative insight.

Important Dignitaries

  • Dr M. A. Mummigatti, President, Nava Karnataka Film Academy – India
  • ‘Paul’ Pornthep Sri Narula, President, Paul Narula Academy – Bangkok – Thailand

Event Details

1st Day- Inaugural Ceremony

Date: 28th January 2023.

Time: 08:30 – 09:30 AM.

Venue: Room 12 Holiday Inn Hotel, Silom, Bangkok-Thailand.

2nd Day- Valedictory/Award ceremony

Date: 29th January 2023.

Time: 04:30 – 09:30 PM.

Venue: Room 12 Holiday Inn Hotel, Silom, Bangkok-Thailand.

Note: The prestigious NKFA-BIFF awards fall into several categories, from best film to best lyrics.

You can submit your work for the following categories:

  • Feature Film
  • Short Film
  • Documentary
  • Web Series
  • Animation
  • Music Videos

Important Date: The last day for submitting your creation is 8th January 2023.

Submit your movies by: Or

Hurry! Grab this golden opportunity to be among the film industry’s great filmmakers and renowned personalities.

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