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Likely to Announce Mullah Abdul Baradar as New Afghanistan President

Likely to Announce Mullah Abdul Baradar as New Afghanistan President

Afghanistan-Taliban crisis: Likely to Announce Mullah Abdul Baradar as New Afghanistan President

No one in the world had imagined what happened in Afghanistan, for two years, the fort where the forces of the world’s largest superpower had been crushed by the Taliban in a jiffy. Afghanistan has been occupied by Taliban, pictures of chaos in Kabul are in front of the world. But a churn regarding Kabul is also going on in Doha, Qatar. The top leaders of the Taliban can make an announcement today about forming a government in Afghanistan.

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, who has been named by the Taliban for the new presidency of Afghanistan, is also present in Doha. Today, the top leaders of the Taliban can come from Doha to Kabul and make an announcement about the new government. The changing power in Afghanistan has also changed the equation of the world to an extent.

China, Russia, Turkey and Pakistan have spoken of recognizing the new Taliban government. At the same time, everyone is blaming America for the current situation. China, Russia and Pakistan have even announced not to vacate their embassies in Kabul.

On the victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan, China has expressed hope for a permanent Taliban rule, while America’s adversary Iran has also said that America’s defeat has given hope for peace. Pakistan has said that Afghanistan has broken the chains of slavery.

The countries of the world are seen in two camps according to their politics regarding the Taliban government. Doha’s role has been very important in the changing face of Afghanistan. Peace talks between the US and the Taliban have been going on in Doha since 2018. During this, America placed many conditions in front of the Taliban.

Talks about the Taliban and America have been taking place in Doha only. Now the work of shaping the new government is also going on in Doha. Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen is also trying to win the confidence of the world about the new Taliban government.

If anything is decided regarding the structure, face and name of the government in Doha, then today only the top leaders of the Taliban, including Baradar, can go to Kabul and announce it. The Taliban claims that talks are going on with the organization as well as international leaders regarding the new government.

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