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Lip Care Tips

Lip Care Tips

Due to lack of water, the lips become chapped and rough. If these are ignored, then the lips start to scab, from which blood starts coming out. Like hair and skin, taking care of lips is also very important. Lips enhance your beauty after eyes. In such a situation, pink lips can be added to it. To enhance the beauty of lips, we are going to tell you some such tips, by trying which your lips will be soft.

Do not leave dry- The easiest and most effective way to keep lips soft and pink is to not let them remain dry. Dry lips crack quickly and then blood starts coming out of them. In such a situation, keep desi ghee or lip balm on the lips. This will keep the moisture in the lips. Which will help to keep your lips soft and pink.

Lip scrub- Just as scrubbing is necessary for our skin, similarly scrubs are very important for the lips as well. Regular scrubbing on the lips removes the dead skin on the lips and makes the skin soft. To make a scrub for lips, mix some grains of sugar in a little honey and make a paste. Now massage the lips with this paste and leave it for some time. Wash off the lips after drying.

Lip massage- If you also want to remove the blackness visible on the lips, then apply coconut oil on the lips before sleeping at night. Massage the lips with coconut oil for some time and leave the oil on. Due to this, while the blackness of the lips will be removed, on the other hand the lips will also become soft and pink.

Good quality lipstick – Always use good quality lipstick on the lips. Using a bad and cheap quality lipstick makes the lips dark. Simultaneously, the lips are cracked. So choose only good quality lipstick. Good company lipsticks contain moisture, which keeps the lips soft.

Eat nutritious food – Due to lack of vitamins and minerals, the lips start looking dry and lifeless. That is why it is important to take nutritious food in the diet. Include vitamins B and E in the diet. These vitamins are very beneficial not only for the lips but also for the skin.

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