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My Extravagant Loy Krathong Experience in Thailand

My Extravagant Loy Krathong Experience in Thailand

It was the sunset of Loy Krathong that was one of the numerous beautiful celebrations in Bangkok where everybody amasses around lakes and streams to venerate the goddess of water by conveying stunning lotus-formed pontoons, enlightened with candles, incense sticks and blooms upon the water.

This celebration occurs the evening of the twelfth lunar period in November toward the finish of the drizzly season when the full luna starts up the sky. The display of thousands of krathongs, with the glittering candles sending a thousand pinpoints of light far away into the skyline, is charming, and there are plenty of zones in Bangkok where you can get drew in with the festivals.

Chiang Mai

This is the most loved spot among vacationers, the function in Chiang Mai is outstanding because Loy Krathong and Yi Peng are commonly appreciated simultaneously. It is the cruising vessels and candles in the stream that hypnotized me and one can discover the night sky lit up with unbounded beautifully started paper lights.

Past those uncommon days of the celebration, I enjoyed different festivals and adventures like walks, firecrackers exhibit, folkloric shows and then some. Cheered in numerous regions of Chiang Mai, however, a few spots may require a passage charge while some are free for people in general.

Save the issue of searching for transportation during the exuberant festival and fighting with the majority to purchase food, Krathong and lights by following a journey. Calendar a Loy Krathong and Yee Peng trip from Klook with roundtrip passage, dinner, and different details added for the most comfortable adventure of the festival!

One of the prime places incorporates the well-known Maejo University. Aside from this, you can likewise cheer at the Cowboy Army Riding, Pingnakorn Riverside Hotel, Club Horizon Village and Resort and the sky is the limit from there.

Source: Fodors Travel Guide


Broadly known as the place of birth of Loy Krathong, functions in Sukhothai remain for five days as opposed to the standard three days. The festival includes something other than floating lights, it’s an all-out festival!

I was completely engaged with exercises like magnificence challenges, people music acts, light shows and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Simply head over to the Sukhothai Historical Park which is one of the most established city to take part in a five-day masterful voyage.



The energetic focal point of Thailand, Loy Krathong is a blowout not to be missed. I wound up having a fabulous time at the party at the Asiatique riverside reasonable beginning their shaded vessels to drift and taking an interest in different festivals like making their Krathong! You can likewise discover floating processions and firecracker exhibitions at the celebration.

Moreover, there is the main area in Bangkok to observe Loy Krathong is by the Chao Phraya River. For an exceptional experience, I happen to falter over an extravagant supper voyage locally available the Chao Phraya Princess Cruise and that’s just the beginning. Not exclusively did I got the perspective on the city’s famous pagodas and mansions as a background, however, you can likewise see the stream stacked with vast Krathong.

Since you have every one of the pointers settled, make a point to complete your outing with basics like a SIM Card and WiFi Device, air terminal and city moves and that’s just the beginning! With bounty more to see and do, ensure you look at all the fun Thailand exercises and experiences on Klook.

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