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Mae Klong Railway Market Booms Post Pandemic

Mae Klong Railway Market Booms Post Pandemic

Mae Klong Railway Market

Thailand’s railway market has reopened following the pandemic, making it one of the most important Thailand news stories. The market is one of Bangkok’s most popular tourist attractions. A 500-meter stretch of railway lines runs along with this market in Samut Songkhram, Bangkok. You’ll find fresh produce, clothes, souvenirs, live turtles, and many other things on sale at the market.

The train passes through the Mae Klong Railway Market at least six times every day. Both foreign tourists and locals squeeze into nooks and crannies. The vendors move their products away from the tracks and close their umbrellas while the trains pass. It is fascinating to watch how quickly the vendors gather their items and set them aside so that the train can pass.

There are vendors who have been in the market, otherwise known as “umbrella put down market or talad rom hup,” for 50 years and never witnessed any incident.

Tourists are slowly returning to the railway market, and the vendors are excited to welcome them back and pick up their business after the pandemic. As a result of the lockdown, most of the vendors have been in debt or have no savings and were forced to borrow money from the bank. Fortunately, their business is now booming because Thailand is allowing tourists back into this Land of Smiles.

The sight of a train passing through a market full of fresh produce, fish, durians, locals, and tourists, is a unique experience. Visit this famous railway market in Thailand for an adrenaline rush and to learn more about Thai culture and traditions.

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