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Maharashtra: Bomb scare at Ministry Turns Out To be Hoax, Farmer Held

Maharashtra: Bomb scare at Ministry Turns Out To be Hoax, Farmer Held

A farmer from Nagpur has been arrested for giving fake information about a bomb being placed in the Maharashtra government ministry in Mumbai. He called on Sunday and claimed to have planted a bomb in the ministry. On this, Mumbai police searched the building but nothing was found.

Mumbai Police said in a statement that an unknown person received a call at the Disaster Control Room, Mantralaya at around 12.40 pm on Sunday, claiming that a bomb had been placed in the Ministry (Secretariat). According to the statement, the bomb search and defunct squad (BDDS) personnel along with the police reached the spot and the search operation was carried out but they did not find anything and the call proved to be fake.

The Nagpur police officer said that the land of the accused farmer had been acquired but he was not given compensation despite repeated requests, to which he had made a call to get the administration’s attention.

The farmer has been identified as Sagar Mandhre . The farmer claimed that he was suffering from some serious bone ailment and needed money for his treatment. Mandhre  has threatened to commit self-immolation on Republic Day and Independence Day several times in the past, the official said.

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