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Make These Snacks in Dussehra

Make These Snacks in Dussehra

Every festival in India is celebrated with pomp. There are many small and big preparations in the festivals along with traditional customs. Festivals may be different, the way of celebrating them may be different but once what is common in every festival is the delicious dishes prepared in festivals. A variety of delicious dishes are prepared in every festival. You can also prepare different types of dishes on the occasion of Dussehra. Make different types of easy snacks to double the fun of Dussehra. There is a tradition of making some special sweets in Dussehra in different places of the country. Like in the north region people make jalebi on this day. Apart from this, Malpua are also made.

Ingredients for making Jalebi

  • cup maida,
  • curd, oil
  • ghee
  • cloth with a hole
  • sugar

How to make Jalebi

  • Prepare a thick batter by mixing maida and curd. Water can also be added according to the need. Then leave it to rise for about six to seven hours.
  • Till then make the syrup. For this, mix water, sugar and cook on low flame till it becomes thick. When the syrup starts leaving the wire, take it off the flame and let it cool down a bit.
  • Heat oil or ghee in a deep pan and fill the prepared batter in a cloth. In which there is a small hole. Note that the smaller the hole, the thinner the jalebi will be.
  • Put this batter in hot oil and cook it on medium flame. When it turns light brown from both the sides, take it out and put it in the syrup.
  • After soaking in sugar syrup for a minute, take it out and serve.

Ingredients for making Malpua

  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • 1 cup grated khoya
  • pistachios
  • almonds
  • saffron
  • ghee
  • sugar syrup.

How to make Malpua

Flip the dumpling a couple of times. The whole process is similar to making dumplings. Then when the dumplings start turning brown, take them out from the pan. Your sweet dumplings are ready.

Ingredients for Coconut Barfi

  • Grated Coconut
  • Ghee
  • Khoya
  • Sugar

Easy recipe to make Coconut Barfi

  • To make coconut barfi, mix ghee and khoya in a pan and fry it lightly. Then take it off the heat and let it cool.
  • Now add grated coconut to it.
  • -Then make syrup. For this, heat a pan and cook water and sugar on low flame. When it comes to a boil and the sugar dissolves, increase the flame and let it thicken. If wires start coming in the syrup, then turn off the gas.
  • Now immediately add the khoya mixture to it and mix it well. Keep in mind that this process should be done quickly so that the mixture of coconut and khoya gets set in the syrup.
  • Then put ghee in a plate and turn the coconut-khoya mixture into a thick layer.
  • Keep it in a plate to cool down, after that cut the barfi into desired shape with a knife. Your coconut barfi is ready.

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