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Makhana is Beneficial in Many Diseases

Makhana is Beneficial in Many Diseases

Losing weight remains a big challenge for most of us. The problem of increased weight troubles people not only physically, but also mentally. At present, the problem of obesity is increasing rapidly among people due to poor lifestyle and lack of attention to food and drink. The problem of increased weight can increase the risk of heart diseases as well as increase the complications of diabetic patients.

According to health experts, makhana, easily available in almost every household, can be the best diet to cure these three problems. In India, people consume makhana more during fasting. In general, the foods consumed during fasting are recommended keeping in mind the health, as it is the only source of energy for the people.

Makhana is beneficial for health
According to health experts, makhana is considered a rich source of protein and fiber. These must be included in the diet. Consumption of makhana makes people feel full, which reduces the urge to overeat. In this way the calorie intake can be reduced. This directly affects the weight. Makhana can be consumed in many ways, it has been considered a good snack for health. You can also consume it in breakfast by adding makhana to a bowl of milk. The power of makhana increases with milk.

Beneficial for heart and skin
Makhana is known to be a good source of antioxidants like flavonoids. Antioxidants can protect the body from all kinds of diseases. Apart from this, it also has anti-inflammatory properties that can benefit heart health. Apart from this, the consumption of makhana is also considered very beneficial for the skin due to the presence of antioxidants.

Diabetic patients should consume makhana
According to health experts, makhana can help in controlling blood sugar levels. Being low in glycemic index, it can be a good diet for diabetics. In a study published in the PubMed Central Journal, makhana has been shown to be very beneficial in the control of blood sugar. Since makhana is also good in fiber content, this quality also makes it suitable for diabetics.

Helpful in maintaining healthy bones
According to health experts, calcium and magnesium are also found in abundance in makhana, which are essential for maintaining healthy bone health. Consuming makhana daily can be beneficial for patients suffering from problems with healthy bones, teeth and joints. The properties present in makhana make it beneficial for the body in many ways.

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