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Manchester United Seems Divided

Manchester United Seems Divided

Manchester United Divide

Manchester United seems to be divided in terms of their former teammate’s fate. According to reports, the players of the football team are clashing over the decision to remove him.

Mason Greenwood was arrested last week for suspicion of rape, sexual assault, assault, and threats to kill. He was then released by the GMP after he posted bail. Videos, photos, and recordings of him committing the acts in question were posted on Instagram. His 18-year-old victim also posted a comment thanking everyone. The GMP investigation is ongoing.

In response to this arrest that went viral, Manchester United decided not to allow him back to the team. They announced his removal from the team saying they do not condone acts of violence. Nike followed by canceling their contract with the star. FIFA 22 also removed him from the player lineup in their February 1 update. Manchester United also announced that fans can trade their Mason Greenwood shirts. England manager Gareth Southgate also held his offer back.

Inside the Team

Famous teammates Cristiano Ronaldo, Edinson Cavani, and Victor Lindelof unfollowed him on Instagram. A source said to The Sun “one player, in particular, is furious about it. He feels that ditching Mason shows they are not together. If Mason is convicted of what he has been accused of, then clearly all the players will be horrified.”

The source also added “Some of those closest to him feel the course of justice should be allowed to run. But when some of the players started dumping him, they felt they had to as well. One of the players said it showed how the squad wasn’t together and showed that too many times they act as individuals”.

On Thursday, United boss Rangnick admitted that the forward’s arrest was a ‘topic within the team’, saying: ‘We had internal discussions but I’m pretty sure everyone will understand those internal discussions should stay internal.

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