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Massive Landslide in Himachal’s Sirmaur

Massive Landslide in Himachal’s Sirmaur

The continuous rain on the mountains has increased the problems of the people. A major landslide occurred in Himachal Pradesh’s Sirmaur . This landslide happened near Kamru. Due to this, National Highway-707 has been completely blocked. Due to this, the names and marks of the roads have been erased from about half to a quarter kilometer. This highway goes from UP and Haryana towards Sirmaur of Himachal, then it starts from Paonta side and further gets attached at Gumba near Shimla.

This highway passed through very difficult areas. Because of this, more than a hundred villages of Sirmaur have been cut off from the Paonta side. It is being said that the work of a dumping ground was also going on due to which the water was flooded there, due to which this accident happened.

It is believed to be the biggest landslide of Himachal Pradesh till date. The entire mountain will have to be dug again to make a road. But it is very difficult on the mountains to build a road during the rainy season. There is a disaster due to rain on the mountains. Because of this, thousands of people are stranded on both sides. Although the administration is engaged in it. Traffic on the highway has come to a complete standstill.

Due to the rain these days the news of landslides is coming from many places. The question is arising that with the cutting of trees, if the kind of cutting is being done to generate electricity, due to this, such accidents will continue to happen. In such a situation, it is also a big warning not to tamper with the mountains. Here a warning has been given by the Meteorological Department not to travel in the hilly areas.

In Himachal Pradesh’s Lahaul-Spiti, 144 tourists have been trapped due to landslides following cloudburst and heavy rains. In a statement on Thursday, the district administration said that 204 people were trapped in the Pattan valley, out of which 60 were safely rescued by the police and fire department officials. Rescue operation is going on in the area.

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