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Mekong Region – 200 Species Discovered

Mekong Region – 200 Species Discovered

Mekong Region, Thailand discovered 224 new species in 2020. The discoveries include a drought-resilient bamboo, a devil-horned newt, and a monkey named after a volcano.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) listed the discoveries. The 224 discoveries underlined the rich biodiversity of the Mekong region, which encompasses Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The report stated demonstrate that the region is still a frontline for scientific exploration and a hotspot of species diversity.” It also added, “However, these discoveries also are a stark reminder of what we stand to lose if human settlement and development activities in the region continue to destroy the natural environment.”

“Many species go extinct before they are even discovered, driven by habitat destruction, diseases spread by human activities, predation and competition brought by invasive species, and the devastating impacts of illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade.”

A United Nations report said that the wildlife trafficking activities in Southeast Asia is once again resurfacing. This comes after a hiatus due to the pandemic and closing of borders. The report emphasized that this region is the home of the world’s most endangered species.

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