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Mizoram: Offers Rs 1 Lakh To Parents With Most Children

Mizoram: Offers Rs 1 Lakh To Parents With Most Children

At a time when Assam and several other states in the country have come up with a two-child population policy, Mizoram’s Sports Minister Robert Romawia Royte called for a living mother with the largest number of children in her constituency to encourage population growth among Mizo communities. – Announced a cash incentive of ₹ 1 lakh to the father. Royte, however, did not mention the number of children.

On the occasion of Father’s Day, Royte announced that he would reward the man or woman with the most children in his Aizawl East-2 assembly constituency with a cash incentive of ₹1 lakh. The minister said in a statement that the person would also get a certificate and a trophy

Royte said the infertility rate and the declining growth rate of the Mizo population have become a matter of serious concern. As per the reports, Royte said that “Mizoram is well below the optimum number of people to achieve development in various regions due to gradual decline in its population. Low population is a serious issue and a threat to small communities or tribes like Mizos.” Serious problem. Survive and progress.”

The Sports Minister further said that some churches and influential civil society organizations such as the Young Mizo Association are advocating for a baby boom policy to encourage population growth. This announcement comes at a time when many states are advocating for a population control policy.

According to the 2011 census, the population of Mizoram was 1,091,014 and the area of ​​the state is about 21,087 square kilometres. Mizoram has the second lowest population density in the country after Arunachal Pradesh. There are 52 persons per square kilometer while Arunachal Pradesh has a population density of 17 persons per square kilometer. The national average is 382 per square kilometer.

At the same time, the Chief Minister of Assam’s neighboring state of Mizoram, Himanta Biswa Sarma recently announced that his government will gradually implement the two-child policy to get benefits under some schemes funded by the state.

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