Modi on South Mission, gift to Tamil Nadu and Puducherry

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Puducherry and Tamil Nadu, two electoral states of South India on Thursday. Here he laid the foundation stone for a project worth thousands of crores. Projects were started at Puducherry at a cost of around Rs. 3000 crores and Tamil Nadu at a cost of Rs. 12,400 crores. In Tamil Nadu, Modi did not carry out political attacks on his opponents, but in Puducherry, the Congress and its leaders were his targets. In a rally here, he said that Puducherry has suffered due to the Congress high command culture. I see that the air of Puducherry is changing. He said that Congress leaders came here and said that we will create a separate ministry for fishermen. I was shocked The truth is that our government has already done so in 2019. Modi said that if you ask what is my manifesto for Puducherry, then I will say that Puducherry is the best. NDA wants to make Puducherry the best. By BEST I mean B for Business Hub, E for Education Hub, S for Spiritual Hub and T for Tourism Hub.

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