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Museum Siam | Revisit Bangkok History | Bangkok

Museum Siam | Revisit Bangkok History | Bangkok

The Museum Siam endeavors to be a center of learning for enjoyment and fashion a new concept and look of the “Modern Museum”.  The Authorities of the Museum aim in nurturing opportunities in knowledge building and developing creativity and innovation outside school.  It offers learning of Thai history in fun way by allowing visitors to play interactively with latest multi-media technology.

The Museum of Siam also offers a permanent exhibition named “The Accounts of Thailand” highlighting the ancient history of Thailand in helping visitors to realize and learn about the thousand-year-old mysteries of Suvarnabhumi, the aspects paying to the golden era of Siam and the many other conditions touching it before transforming Thailand as it is today.  At the end of the visit, visitors can finally discover answers for questions about Thailand culture & history.

Location: 4 Sanamchai Road, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok, Thailand
Time:  10am to 6pm
Entry Fees
Adults: 100 thb
Students: 50 thb
School groups: 25 thb
Groups: 50 thb

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