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Mystery of Bermuda Triangle

Mystery of Bermuda Triangle

There are many such mysteries in this world which no one has been able to solve till date. One such mystery is the Bermuda Triangle, located on the southeast coast of America, even after years, this place is one of the most mysterious places in the world.

If the ship reaches this place too, then it disappears. No water ship or plane has returned safely from this place till date. Till date, many scientists have tried to find out the secret of this place but, no one has been successful in this purpose. Till date, it could not be known that it has been done there which takes the ship.

What is the Bermuda Triangle?
The Bermuda Triangle is a triangle connecting all three of America’s Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda. After reaching this place, big ships disappeared. If any ship reaches this place by mistake, no one has been able to know till date where the ship disappeared with its luggage and passengers.

Like many ships, a merchant named Mary Celeste also disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle area. A lot of effort was made to find this ship but nothing was found of this ship. Later on December 4, 1872, the remains of this ship were found in the Atlantic Ocean. But, till date nothing has been known about the passengers and staff of the ship aboard this ship. Initially, it was believed that this ship must have been a victim of some piracy. But, all the valuables of this ship were found safe even after years, due to which the matter of being a victim of its robbery was later denied.

Like the Mary Celesty, another ship, the Elin Austin, also disappeared at the same place in the year 1881. This ship had left for New York with some drivers. This ship came to this place and disappeared somewhere, till date no one has come to know about it. Along with this, no driver on board could also be traced.

Coming to this place, not only the ships of the water, but many airplanes also disappeared. Flight 19, Star Tiger, Douglas DC-3 are just a few of the planes lost in the Bermuda Triangle. Many people believe that this place is mysterious because of the aliens at this place, but, till date no one has been able to find out the exact reason.

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