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Nepal Bans Distribution Of Coronil kits

Nepal Bans Distribution Of Coronil kits

Nepal has banned the distribution of coronil kits manufactured by Patanjali of yoga guru Baba Ramdev. Nepal has said that there is no strong evidence that this drug is effective against Covid-19. He said, there is no evidence that coronil cures corona disease. The order of Nepal’s Department of Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine states that proper procedure has not been followed in procuring 1500 kits of Coronil, hence the work of distributing Coronil is being stopped with immediate effect.

Baba Ramdev had claimed to have cured Corona from Coronil, after which there was a dispute in the country. Earlier Baba Ramdev had talked about getting approval from the government for this. Later, when the government rejected this claim, they said that this drug will boost immunity.

Baba Ramdev had sent 1500 kits of Coronil to Nepal as a gift. In the order of the Government of Nepal, it has been said that the tablets and nose oil in the Coronil kit are not equal to the English medicine to fight the corona. However, the Nepalese Health Ministry has made it clear that there is no ban on Patanjali’s product. A Health Ministry spokesman said, the Nepalese government has not passed any official order banning Coronil in the country. The Health Ministry official also underlined that recently an objection was raised against Coronil by the Indian Medical Association.

Nepal is the second country after Bhutan to have banned the distribution of coronil. Recently, the Bhutan Drug Regulatory Authority banned the distribution of this drug. Recently, Baba Ramdev had termed allopathy medicine as rubbish, after which the Indian Medical Association opposed him. Later, the Uttarakhand branch of the Indian Medical Association filed a defamation claim of Rs 10,000 crore on Baba Ramdev. However, after apologizing later, the Indian Medical Association has said to withdraw the petition filed against Baba Ramdev.

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