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Nigeria Reports Hundreds Killed by Militant Attacks

Nigeria Reports Hundreds Killed by Militant Attacks

The Nigeria state of Zamfara reports 200 deaths as a result of militant attacks. The attacks were in response to military strikes against the group. The military attacks resulted in the deaths of 100 militants. The violent attack was a result of the government’s long war against local criminals in the area.

On Friday, the reports began about militant groups of 300 people riding their motorcycles across villages while shooting anyone on sight. The gunmen also burned homes and mutilated bodies along the way. Residents also report stolen livestock during the attack.

After the attack, the gunmen hid through the forests. After the military began to strike back by continuously bombarding the forests, the local media reports movement. They have claimed that the militants are beginning to move towards the western provinces of Zamfara.

President Muhammadu Buhari pledged that the government will continue the fight. “Let me reassure these besieged communities and other Nigerians that this government will not abandon them to their fate because we are more than ever determined to get rid of these outlaws,” Mr. Buhari said.

Thousands of Nigerian troops were deployed by the government. They have reported 537 deaths among the militant groups and 374 arrests. The government also labeled the groups as terrorists. This allows the government to impose tougher sanctions and sentences.

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