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North Korea: Kim Jong-Un Bans Jeans, Foreign Films And Hairstyle

North Korea: Kim Jong-Un Bans Jeans, Foreign Films And Hairstyle

In North Korea, Kim Jong Un has issued a new order regarding the hairstyles and jeans of the people of his country. According to the new order, the citizens of North Korea can no longer wear skinny jeans or have a mullet hairstyle. Watching foreign films has also been completely banned. It is believed that this has been done because dictator Kim fears that the youth of his country will come under the influence of Western culture.

In North Korea, severe punishment will now be given for dyeing the hair in different colors, getting any kind of piercing in the ears or nose. There is also a complete ban on having a mullet hairstyle. Let us tell you that in the mullet hairstyle, people keep the front hair on the head short and the back big. If any North Korean citizen violates these rules, then he will be sent to the labor camp. They can also be given the death penalty.

According to this new law, if the employee is found guilty then the owner of the factory will be punished. If a child wears foreign clothes or adopts foreign hairstyles, then his parents will be punished.

This is not the first time in this country that such a strange law has been made. Even before this, such laws have been made many times.

  • People in this country cannot watch channels of their choice. Here people have only three television channels to watch on TV, whose programs are also controlled by the government.
  • This country is ruled by one family since 1948, but elections are held here every year.
  • In North Korea, parents can not only take a breather by enrolling children in school, but they have to provide desks and chairs for their children on their own.
  • Talking about the most dangerous law of North Korea, it is to punish three generations. There is a rule in this country that if a person commits a crime, the punishment is given to the entire blood line including his parents, grandparents and children.

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