Now Corona’s havoc on children

Due to the new variants in the country, the possibility of a third wave of Corona virus has started to be expressed. Principal Scientific Advisor to the Central Government, Vijay Raghavan has also warned that the corona virus in the third wave will be fatal for children. But, in the second wave of corona started in Maharashtra, a large number of children are getting infected. So far 1,47,420 innocent people have been infected in the state, whose ages range from one to 10 years.

Maharashtra is the state most affected by the Corona epidemic. Hundreds of children are under the grip of the corona virus every day. Statistics from the Health Department show that 1,47,420 children between one and 10 years of age have been corona infected in the state so far. Out of this, more than 71 thousand children have fallen victim to Corona virus in the last two months. According to the report, most of the children in the months of March and April have been affected by Corona, which is a matter of concern.

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