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Pattaya Music Festival 2021 Is Finally Here!

Pattaya Music Festival 2021 Is Finally Here!

Everything is slowly opening up in Thailand once again, and the second most-visited getaways in the country have officially organized their Pattaya Music Festival 2021 which has started on 5th November Pattaya Music Festival is the biggest music festival of the country, which people from all over the country and abroad come to see. The Pattaya Music Festival was jointly inaugurated by Mr. Fakhthorn Thienchai (Governor of Chonburi Province) and Mr. Sonthaya Khunplume (Prime Minister Pattaya City) on the second day of the event on 6 November.

Following the rules of Covid-19, Pattaya Music Festival will run for 4 weeks in which more than 50 artists will participate.

  • Week 1: November 5-6, 2021, Stage 3 at Pattaya Beach, North Pattaya Stage Central Pattaya Stage and South Pattaya Stage
  • Week 2: November 12-13, 2021, Phase I at Jomtian Beach.
  • Additional stage will also be set up in Koh Larn, Nuan Beach on November 13th for the people of Koh Lan and tourists residing there.
  • Week 3: December 3-4, 2021, first leg at Lan Pho Na Clua Park
  • Week 4: 10-11 December 2021, 1st Stage at Pattaya Beach, Central Pattaya Stage.

Public health rules have also been prescribed by the government.

  • The visitors and artists will have to strictly follow the social distancing guidelines like wearing of masks, washing hands from time to time during the programme.
  • The number of tourists and the number of visitors who have undergone 2 injections of vaccination has been limited.

Pattaya City Police Station Deputy Superintendent Lieutenant Colonel Suradech Namyotha has directed the employees to strictly monitor activities bringing weapons and drinking during the event.

This is the first activity to give impetus to the economy after the country opens, which has been organized for the people.

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