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Petrol, Diesel Prices Hiked Again

Petrol, Diesel Prices Hiked Again

These days, once again the prices of crude oil in the international market are showing an upward trend. In such a situation, the prices of petrol and diesel are increasing continuously in the domestic market. Indian oil marketing companies have again increased the prices of both the fuels today after a day’s relief. There has been an increase of 27 paise per liter in petrol and 29 paise per liter in diesel. In the capital Delhi today, petrol has reached Rs 95.03 per liter and diesel at Rs 85.95 per liter.

Today in Mumbai, petrol is being sold at Rs 101.25 and diesel Rs 93.10, in Kolkata petrol is Rs 95.02 and diesel Rs 88.80, in Chennai petrol is Rs 96.47 and diesel Rs 90.66 per liter. According to the report, the price of petrol has reached more than Rs 100 in 135 districts of the country. Petrol prices have increased by 13 per cent this year.

Petrol and diesel sales in May fell by about 17 percent compared to a month earlier, as demand was hit due to restrictions imposed to prevent a dangerous second wave of corona virus infection. According to the data, petrol sales fell to 1.79 million tonne in May, which is the lowest level in the last one year. However, this consumption was about 13 per cent higher than May last year, 28 per cent lower than the pre-Covid level of 24.9 lakh tonne.

The demand for the most used oil (diesel) in the country fell to 4.89 million tonne in May 2021, down 17 per cent from the previous month and 30 per cent lower than in May 2019. LPG cylinder sales volume declined by six per cent year-on-year to 21.6 lakh tonne in May 2021, but was six per cent higher than the 20.3 lakh tonne sold in May 2019.

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