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PM Chairs High-Level Meet to Review Oxygen Production

PM Chairs High-Level Meet to Review Oxygen Production

Even as the deadly second wave of Coronavirus seems to have slowed down with a significant dip in daily infections and fatalities, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday a high-level meeting to review the augmentation and availability of medical oxygen across the country.

The Prime Minister was informed that more than 1,500 PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) oxygen plants are being set up across the country to tackle the shortage of the life-saving gas reported in several states.

During the meeting, PM Modi asked officials to ensure that these oxygen plants are made functional at the earliest and also told them to work closely with state governments in this regard.

An official statement by Prime Minister Office (PMO) stated that these upcoming oxygen plants include those being built with the contribution from the PM CARES fund as well as from various ministries and PSUs. 

During the meeting, PM was also informed that the oxygen plants contributed by the PM CARES fund will be installed in all states and districts of the country and will support more than 4 lakh oxygenated beds once functional.

“PM asked officials to ensure there is adequate training of hospital staff on operation and maintenance of oxygen plants. He also directed officials to ensure that each district has trained personnel available,” PMO said.

A training module prepared by experts is in place, and they are targeting training of around 8,000 people across the country.

Emphasising on the need for technology in healthcare, PM Modi asked officials to deploy advanced technology like Internet of Things (IoT) to track the performance and functioning of these oxygen plants at the local and national level.

He was informed by officials that a pilot exercise is being done using IoT for monitoring the performance of the oxygen plants.

The directions by PM Modi and Central government comes after complaints of oxygen shortage in hospitals during the peak of the second COVID-19 wave in April-May. The government claims to be all-hands-on-deck with various state governments to increase the production and supply of the life-saving gas.  

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