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Protect Your Skin & Hair while Enjoying the Holi Festival

Protect Your Skin & Hair while Enjoying the Holi Festival

The celebration of big North-Indian festival Holi is around the corner. We’re amped up for the shading and desserts that the celebration will bring to our lives. At the same time, everyone is prepared with their water weapons, colors, sometimes harsh chemicals, to attack their loved ones, friends and neighbors. With all its vibrance and vitality, can be a big deal stress for your hair & skin.

The hours we spend focusing on the unforgiving hues, remove all the dampness and basic oils, and tragically, much after every one of these trickeries, you are left with dashes of silver and red on your body. This Holi, protect your hair and skin. Here are a couple of simple hair and healthy skin tips to do when Holi, to guarantee safe and issue free skin during the vivid celebration. Ensure you follow these pre-play and post-play rehearses for a cheerful festival:

Hair and Skin Care Tips for Holi

Pre Holi-Care:

  • While delving into your storeroom to discover something to wear on Holi, pick something that covers a large portion of your body like a long sleeve shirt and full-length pajama. Wear a scarf on your head or spread it with a littler size dupatta or a took.
  • Apply liberal measure of a cream or coconut oil/mustard oil on your whole body to guarantee no damage to your skin in any event, during an unpleasant festival. While keeping the gleam of your skin unblemished, it will likewise be anything but difficult to take the shading off later.
  • To shield your hair from the harm done by synthetic hues, Oil them before heading out to play Holi.
  • Apply a sun screen before you step out and shield your skin from those appalling tan lines and unsafe UV beams.
  • Cut your nails off to avoid the chemicals getting inside the nails or around the cuticle lines.
  • Try not to play Holi while wearing your eye lenses. Chemicals, colors or splash of water may get into the eye and disturb a lot.

Post Holi – Treatment:

  • An exhaustive wash head to toe after the Holi party is fundamental to evacuate all the synthetic hues, grime and soil.
  • Utilize Lukewarm water and a saturating cleanser for delicate consideration shower. Try not to clean excessively hard.
  • Utilize significant measures of lotion for in any event seven days after the Holi gathering and meet your skin’s lost dampness needs.
  • Apply Hair veils and Hair packs to get the dampness that the hair lost because of unsafe synthetic compounds.

Enjoy Your Holi Party!!!

Indo Thai Wishes You a Happy & Safe Holi

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