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Protests in Canada Continue

Protests in Canada Continue

Protests in Canada continue as the Canadian truck drivers rally against the country’s Covid-19 mandates. This has caused massive traffic issues not to mention logistical challenges. A judge issues a temporary ban for demonstrators to honk their horns.

It has been two weeks since the demonstration began. Truck drivers were to choose from vaccination or quarantine. The first choice requires them to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The second choice is to quarantine themselves for 14 days after returning from the US-Canada border. Others then joined to protest mask mandates, lockdowns, restrictions on gatherings, and other Covid-19 measures in the country.

Ambassador Bridge linking Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit has been experiencing major traffic. The huge trucks that are parked are causing huge traffic for both sides of the border. “When the border crossing of this magnitude — almost a third of all traffic between our two countries crosses here — and when it closes down, it has an immediate and material impact on the economies of our both nations,” Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens said.

A recent lawsuit filed by Zexi Li said the loud honking by the protesters is “dangerous and causes permanent damage to the human ear” and causes “significant mental distress, suffering and torment”.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Hugh McLean issued a temporary injunction preventing the truckers to honk their horns.

The truckers’ vaccine rule that kicked off the protests remains. But some of the Covid-19 related restrictions that moved others to join truckers in their protests have started to go away.

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