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Quirky and Trendy Face Masks Have Not Just an Essentials but Became a New Fetish for People

Quirky and Trendy Face Masks Have Not Just an Essentials but Became a New Fetish for People

COVID-19, a pandemic that has been thrashing the world for almost 2 years. Not a single industry is left untouched with the economic collapse from this pandemic throughout these months – and the negative impacts are going be seen for months or years in the near future. Experts are saying that this is probably the biggest economic downfall since World War II. Every sector has been knocked down, be it hospitals, travel, finance, retail or any other sectors.

Covid-19 also impacted the fashion industry negatively

Even the fashion industry, despite its discretionary nature, is also vulnerable to the pandemic. Every aspect of the fashion industry has affected drastically due to Corona Virus (covid-19) outbreak around the globe. The big players of the fashion industry say they have got a radical 40% drop in market capitalization during these months.

An industry, which generates as much as $2.5 trillion of annual revenues globally, is left with unemployment, losses in careers and financial hardship for the people who either work in the mainstream fashion industry or other related capacities. However, being one of the most flexible industries, the fashion industry has always been carried ways to rejuvenate itself. Seeing the extreme changes that the world has been experiencing due to covid-19, the people associated with the fashion industry have found ways to keep up with the trend hence we see tend to see some face mask with design.

How fashion industry introduced new fashion trends in pandemic – Fashionable Face Masks!

Today, wearing masks is mandatory for almost everywhere in India and many other countries as well. Hence, seeing the need of the hour, the fashion brands and merchandisers have started crafting fashionable and stylish face masks that go with your dresses and apparels. The only thing that is common in these face mask designs and the other traditional masks is that they both cover the essential most vulnerable parts of our body that should not be exposed to coronavirus i.e. nose, mouth and ears as well.

Since coronavirus has become an unwanted part of our lives face mask usage had sky rocketed and unfortunately, it is going to remain like this for a while now, people have started choosing masks that go with their dress sense. Today, we can see masks with different patterns, colours, prints, and styles etc. in the market. Companies and brands that were once producing medical grade masks for donating to doctors, nurses and other medical staffs along with our defense personnel are now producing non-medical grade masks for common people too.

Quirky and Trendy Face Masks: A New Fetish

People in India are creative and innovative. Even in the times of COVID-19 pandemic, people want to play the fashionable masks game. The facemasks have not been only for a protective purpose but became a fashion symbol now. Today, people wear facemasks as a fashion statement more than just as the safety accessory. A few months ago, there were only medical grade face masks existed whereas now, facemasks are available in all kinds face mask designs based on shapes, prints, forms, styles, fabrics and patterns etc. Other than these, people are wearing masks with the photographs of their face from nose to chin printed on it, which gives the masks the same look as your face has. This way, it seems like you have not worn any mask. The trend of fashionable face masks has become so popular that not only local retailers but also giant fashion brands have jumped into the pool of face masks production.

Masks have become an imperative part of our lives now. Hence, big brands like Peter England, Louis Phillipe, Van Heusen and Allan Solly are crafting customized masks with various shapes, styles, fit and comforts for adults, kids, men and women etc. Such new initiatives have given the fashion industry a new hope to use their existing stock material to craft masks and hoping that the face mask usage will climb up to generate some income to pay their employees. The coronavirus (covid-19) lockdown has already forced businesses to shut down for months now. The nationwide lockdown has caused fashion brands a fall of almost 70% in sales. Owing to closure of local shopping centres, shopping malls, and local retail shops, the fashion industry has seen terrible losses in these 3 months. Not only the Indian brands but also international brands such as Puma is also all set to launch a new series of masks in the next few months.

You might be surprised to know that the giant footwear companies such as BATA India are also planning to launch face masks. Along with the masks, which are, apparently, the need of the hour, the company is also planning to introduce an antibacterial range of school shoes for adults. Other than BATA India, another huge footwear company, Liberty Shoes is also set to launch a new brand called Reset. According to Liberty Shoes Retail Director Mr Anupam Bansal, the company will sell washable virus-and-fungi resistant slip-in shoes, casual footwear and flip flops too.

Along with the new and trendy shoes, clothes and other accessories without which you are not leaving your house these days, wearing fancy and fashionable face masks has become a new trend now. Seeing the necessity and trend of the masks, local retailers have flooded our social media accounts with different varieties of face masks nowadays. These various types of masks include breathable fabric masks with double or triple layers, cartoon and animated prints for kids, classy and elegant masks for adults and professionals, printed and colourful masks for girls and women that go with their dresses and attires. Along with these fashionable masks, the types of masks that are attracting youngsters the most are the ones with written cool slogans on them. Masks with quirky and trending slogans like Atmanirbhar, Keep Your Distance, Go Corona Go, What Day Is It? If You Can Read This You Are Too Close and many others. These fashionable face masks are so cool that after seeing a bunch of them and comparing them with your ugly looking traditional masks, you will surely fall into the trap of the retailers and order some cool masks for yourself. Buying and flaunting such trendy and quirky masks have become a new fetish and fascination for people.

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