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Rahul Gandhi Releases White Paper On Covid

Rahul Gandhi Releases White Paper On Covid

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi issued a white paper on behalf of the party regarding the management of the government related to the corona virus pandemic and urged the Center to make full preparations in view of the possibility of a third wave of Covid and intensify the vaccination. be driven at speed. During this, Rahul Gandhi accused PM Modi of focusing on Bengal elections instead of oxygen.

Gandhi said that when the second wave was at its peak in the country, the Prime Minister’s focus was on the West Bengal elections. He also said that the government should provide financial help to the poor and set up a Covid Compensation Fund to help the Covid affected families. The white paper released by the Congress mentions the alleged mistakes and mismanagement of the central government during the first and second wave.

In this, it has been recommended to constitute an all-party committee to review the steps related to the control of corona, to provide financial assistance to the poor, to help the Covid affected families with four lakh rupees each and to provide equitable and appropriate amount of vaccine to the states. Rahul Gandhi told reporters that the goal of this white paper is not to point fingers at the government. We are mentioning the mistakes of the government so that the mistakes can be rectified in the coming time.

He claimed that the government’s management during the first and second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic was tragic and due to which lakhs of lives were lost unnecessarily, which could have been prevented by taking timely steps. The Congress leader said that the whole country knows that before the second wave, our scientists and doctors talked about the second wave. At that time the steps that the government should have taken, the behavior that should have been done, was not seen. After this the second wave affected all of us.

He also cautioned the government and said that the whole country knows that the third wave is about to come. The virus is changing its form. That is why we are urging the government to make full preparations from now on. Rahul Gandhi said that oxygen, medicines, beds and other requirements should be met for the third wave. The former President of Congress said that it is necessary that vaccination should be done at a rapid pace.

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