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Rajasthan Offers Free Rations For Jab In Tribal Districts

Rajasthan Offers Free Rations For Jab In Tribal Districts

The process of vaccination against corona virus is going on fast across the country, but in Rajasthan where the state average is 78.3%, even people above 45 years of age have not been properly vaccinated. The lowest vaccination was recorded in the tribal districts of Udaipur 63.9%, Dungarpur 62.7% and Pratapgarh 59.3%. According to the information, in a village in Udaipur, a tribal youth questioned the booth level officer Dinesh Chandra Joshi on the deaths due to vaccination, to which Dinesh Chandra said that ‘this is just a rumour, people are the reason for the vaccine. Not because of but dying because of Covid 19’.

In fact, no one wants to be vaccinated because of the fear of dying in the tribal areas here. While the central government has announced to provide free vaccines to all adults from Monday, the state government has come up with several schemes to make people aware of vaccination in Udaipur tribal areas. This includes measures like distributing ration kits, offering free travel to Covid centres. SDM Gunjan Singh has distributed about 2,000 free ration kits with 34 percent vaccine coverage in Jhadol block of Udaipur.

Ration kits are being made available to the tribal people to make them understand the importance of vaccine. These kits include oil, poha, rice, pulses and flour. At the same time, a government teacher, Durga Ram, says that the task of explaining the importance of modern medicine to these tribals is difficult, but not impossible, so the government will have to keep trying.

Teacher Durga Ram told that the fear about the deaths after the vaccine has instilled among the villagers. According to him, when he visits the villages, people ask for a guarantee of not dying after getting the vaccine. Even many times the villagers do not even allow them to enter their village.

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