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Ramdev claims ‘Patanjali will beat Hindustan Unilever Limited by 2025’

Ramdev claims ‘Patanjali will beat Hindustan Unilever Limited by 2025’

Yoga guru Swami Ramdev on Tuesday claimed that Patanjali Yogpeeth made a significant contribution to the country’s economy at the time of pandemic and inspired India to become a self-reliant country. 

During a press conference today, Ramdev put forward the expansion plan of Patanjali Group and claimed that firm has left behind all the companies except Hindustan Unilever. He said that by the year 2025, we will also leave Hindustan Unilever behind.

All the MNCs had filled this country with a sense of self-aggrandizement. They held a monopoly on our economy. But Patanjali has put a stop on their monopoly and dominance and today we are proud that Patanjali has created a new inspiration for a self-reliant India. This voice of self-reliance has been given such a height that today except Unilever, it has defeated all other foreign companies and has created a new record of service to the nation.”

Speaking over employement in the country, the Yoga gura said that Patanjali is not a brand but a movement. “We have given employment to five lakh people in five years and will give employment to five lakh more people in the coming five years.”

Further in his address, Ramdev introduced a new line of medicines. He said that 80-90 per cent of the people in India are deficient in Vitamin D. At the same time, 50-60 percent of people have protein deficiency. Similarly, people are deficient in different vitamins. We have made all these available in Ayurvedic way.

He said, “I am proud that more than 100 research and evidence based medicines have been made. Along with this, traditional, cultural medicines were also kept intact. We have a team of about five hundred scientists in this work.”

Describing the future role of Patanjali, Swami Ramdev said, “Further our focus is on research, health and education. Along with this, the focus has to be on agriculture. Apart from giving economic prosperity to this country, we have also given spiritual prosperity. We bought acompany, Ruchi Soya, after which its annual turnover was 16,318 crores. The company has contributed more than 30,000 crore rupees to the economic prosperity of this country by combining different companies of Patanjali and Ruchi Soya. Our goal ahead is huge. By 2025, it is going to be a big movement in the world by overtaking Unilever.”

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