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Relief for migrant laborers from Supreme Court

Relief for migrant laborers from Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has issued some instructions to provide relief to migrant laborers who are suffering due to the lockdown. The Supreme Court has directed the government of Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to open mass kitchens in the districts falling in the National Capital Region (NCR) so that laborers and their families can have two meals a day. This community kitchen should be built around the industrial areas, bus stands, railway stations where a large number of expatriates live.

Provided ration to the migrant laborers of NCR. These rations can be given under the Atma Bharat Scheme or any other scheme. For this, there should not be any compulsion like asking for identity cards from the laborers.

Instructions have been made to arrange transport for the migrants who want to go to their home. The court said that the authorities should ensure that private bus operators do not charge exorbitant fare from the migrant laborers returning home.

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