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Ring in the Lunar New Year at Central Embassy’s Captivating Decorations

Ring in the Lunar New Year at Central Embassy’s Captivating Decorations

Central Embassy is all set to ring in the Lunar New Year, and you don’t want to miss out on the festivities. Get ready to be wowed as Level 1-5 transforms into a magical space, radiating the energies of strength and love.

Dragon Magic Everywhere – Level 1-5

Picture this: Dragon adornments on the columns, shouting out strength and prosperity vibes. It’s like a visual promise of success’s climb, leaving you with all the feels of ambition and a kickass journey ahead.

Pillars of Power – Level 1-5

Those Dragon adornments on the columns? They’re not just there for show. They scream success and prosperity, making Level 1-5 the perfect backdrop for your festive snapshots. Capture the Year of the Dragon spirit and share the love!

The Walk of Will – Level 2, Central Embassy link to Central Chidlom

Take a stroll down the Walk of Will on Level 2, adorned with Dragons and Koi fish. It’s like a symbol of love and endurance, and guess what? A majestic dragon awaits to guide you toward scenic success. How cool is that?

The Dragon’s Crown – Level 2 Head to Level 2 and behold the Dragon’s Crown. The Dragon’s Head is like a burst of energy and success. It’s grand, it’s promising, and it’s all about prosperity and empowerment. Prepare to be amazed!

Don’t miss out on this Lunar New Year extravaganza at Central Embassy – a celebration of success, prosperity, and the epic spirit of the Dragon!

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