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ROYAL ENFIELD Don Mueang Branch Grand Opening

ROYAL ENFIELD Don Mueang Branch Grand Opening

Royal Enfield, one of the oldest and most iconic motorcycle brands globally, celebrated the grand opening of its Don Mueang showroom on December 22, 2023 This showroom stands out as the largest dealership, boasting the highest number of service bays and introducing the first express/fast service bay, a testament to Royal Enfield’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our lifestyle team attended the Grand Opening held from 5:00 PM to midnight.  The event featured an exclusive motorcycle ambiance, creating an environment resonant with the distinctive sounds of Royal Enfield engines.

Attendees were treated to a live performance by DEAD RABBIT, contributing to the dynamic atmosphere with a blend of rock and metal music.

There was a wide selection of Thai and Indian dishes to enjoy, giving attendees a chance to try different kinds of food. The event made sure there were plenty of free drinks available, with different options to choose from

A lot of fans and enthusiasts joined in, having a great time in the lively atmosphere. The Royal Enfield-Don Mueang team said a big “Thank you!” on their Facebook page, appreciating everyone who came, brought flower baskets, and gave gifts on the Grand Opening day.

Background on Royal Enfield’s Expansion in Thailand

Back in November 2020, Royal Enfield announced its plans to open a new factory in Thailand, aiming to serve both the domestic market and other Southeast Asian countries. Despite a slight downturn in overall motorcycle sales in Thailand in 2020, the mid-sized and larger segment, where Royal Enfield’s models are positioned, saw a rise of around two percent.

As of November 2021, Royal Enfield’s plans for the new Thai facility have smoothly materialized. Developed in collaboration with Thai motorbike OEM GPX, known for producing many smaller-displacement bikes in Thailand, the facility is located in Chachoengsao, east of Bangkok. Enfield intends to ship its bikes in completely knocked-down (CKD) form to this factory for assembly and distribution across the Southeast Asian region.

Royal Enfield, one of the oldest motorcycle brands globally, has weathered two world wars and witnessed its sales in Thailand more than double to 3,146 units in 2019. The new facility aligns with the company’s strategy to tap into the growing motorcycle market in the region.

Thailand, known as the largest automobile manufacturer in Southeast Asia, is home to major Japanese, U.S., and Chinese automakers. In the motorcycle sector, prominent players like Honda Motor, Yamaha Motor, and Harley-Davidson have also established manufacturing plants.

Royal Enfield motorcycles, originally produced in Britain in 1901, found a new home in India after the parent company ceased operations in the U.K. in the early 1970s. In 1994, Indian commercial vehicle maker Eicher Motors acquired the company, now proudly owning this iconic brand. The establishment of the Thai facility marks a significant milestone in Royal Enfield’s global expansion strategy.

A sincere thank you to ROYAL ENFIELD Don Mueang Branch for hosting such an incredible Grand Opening event! Our lifestyle section will feature an exclusive coverage and interview, so stay tuned for an in-depth look into this memorable night.

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