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Russia Starts Vaccinating Animals Against Covid-19

Russia Starts Vaccinating Animals Against Covid-19

Russia has started vaccinating Covid-19 for animals. The Carnivak-Cov vaccine is being used at animal therapy clinics in many states of the country. The vaccine has already been tested on dogs, cats, foxes, minks and other animals and proved to be effective.

More applications are coming from the parents, cattle owners for vaccination. The first 17,000 doses of the vaccine have been made in the unit of the Federal Animal Health Center, Roselkhojnadjor. The vaccine is in great demand at the domestic level and the first consignment of the dose will be distributed within the country.

Foreign companies have also shown interest in it. The Federal Animal Health Center currently has a production capacity of three million doses per month and the capacity is to be increased to five million doses in the future.

Several countries, including South Korea, Japan, the European Union, Argentina, have expressed interest in the Carnivac-Cove vaccine. Infection has been confirmed in many species worldwide. American company Zoetis, which makes medicines for animals, is also making vaccines for animals.

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