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Samut Prakan’s Bangpoo Industrial Estate flooded

Samut Prakan’s Bangpoo Industrial Estate flooded

Bangpoo Industrial Estate in Muang district of this coastal province south of Bangkok was heavily flooded, Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) governor Veeris Ammarapala said on Sunday.

Mr Veeris said the inundation began at about 2am after a long and heavy downpour. Many roads around the estate were flooded, including Sukhumvit, Srinakarin, Puttharaksa and Theparak.

The estate is located on a large area of about 5,400 rai at Moo 4 in tambon Phraeksa of Muang district.

The entrie estate was about 1 metre under water, with numerous cars and motorcycles submerged.

Workers from companies inside the industrial estates were unable to leave their factories after completing their night shift.

Mr Veeris said the army’s Quartermaster Department, at the estate’s request, sent a large vehicle and troops to help transport the workers out of the estate.

Water pumps were deployed to drain the water out of the estate into a canal nearby.

The Samut Prakan provincial administration organisation (PAO) asked the Irrigation Department to subsequently drain the water out of the canal into the sea.

Mr Veeris said on Sunday afternoon the water inside the estate had dropped to a level passable for big vehicles. He expected small vehicles to be able to drive out on Sunday night.

The Bang Phli Industrial Estate, also in Samut Prakan, had been warned to prepare for possible flooding.

Mr Veeris said the IEAT would hold a meeting on Monday to follow up on the flooding situation.

Workers tried to remove the floodwaters from the estate by activating four huge water pumps early this morning, but they said today that, due to the sheer volume of water, it will be 6-7 hours before the estate will be cleared, assuming that there is no more rain today.

The military sent some trucks today to pick up many workers who have been marooned in their factories since late last night, while police have erected a barricade at the entrance of the estate, to prevent cars from entering.
According to the provincial public disaster prevention and mitigation office, several roads and housing estates in Samut Prakan are also flooded, although still accessible to small cars with difficulty.

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