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Sea Life Bangkok

Sea Life Bangkok

Bangkok is not just about Night Life : Sea Life Bangkok

Vibrant nightlife, lively streets with lanes full of exotic food and the smiles all across the city. It was everything like my friends had described Bangkok. While I was inquiring for a Bangkok trip, I came across Sea Life Bangkok, Ocean World. Initially, I wanted to choose the fun and wild side of Bangkok and forsake the other just because I only had four days to explore. On the contrary, I have heard so much about this place that I had to visit and see it for myself. I decided to let the little girl energy run around and decided to explore the marine life as it would be a much more fun adventure than going thrift shopping all the days.

Sea Life Bangkok

I was told that it takes about two hours or at most a little more than that to explore Sea World Bangkok, therefore I decided to make a quick way to the Chatuchak weekend market and have lunch there before heading over to the aquarium. Its open daily from 10 am-9 pm and I was certain that I had enough time to take things at a comfortable pace and perhaps even visit the night market after dinner.

Guess what?! Turns out, I spent over four hours at Sea Life Bangkok. Yup, Four! I was engrossed in the beauty of marine life, exquisite coral reefs and throbbing colours. I explored admiring every show and would not leave unless I have spotted every species of fish there is to be seen. Considering that Sea Life Bangkok is the largest aquarium in South East Asia and spans an area of over 10,000sqm with hundreds of fish on show, I guess it’s no wonder that I had such a blast and it was a great choice that I made it here with a ton of time to save. 

Let me share with you more about my experience including the beautiful marine life, the different zones to explore and the unique glass-bottom boat ride.

Conveniently located in the basement of Siam Paragon, Sea Life Bangkok is easily accessible and you just have to take the BTS to Siam or inform your driver to drop you at Paragon. Madame Tussauds sits right beside Sea Life Bangkok so if you are keen on that, you can get a combo ticket on Klook to enter both attractions. Thankfully, I was smart enough to ask my friend and managed to pre-book my tickets because it saved me the hassle of waiting. 

Every exhibit comes with a comprehensive information board with both in Thai and English so it was convenient for me to read about the species of fish in the tanks and get an insight knowledge of the marine kingdom. Let’s peek-a-boo at some of the diverse zones at Sea Life Bangkok.

Sea Life Bangkok

Rocky hideout

This is the place the voyage starts as you set sail on a surprising marine experience. What invites you toward the beginning, all things considered, are the Giant Spider Crab and Giant Pacific Octopus with delicate, fine shrimps and lobsters that will leave you with a seafood appetite at the end of the line. 

Shark Walk

This was my favourite part as I wandered on the transparent glass with a different type of sharks swimming under my feet. Correct, all that isolated me from them was a flimsy bit of glass! As I could see the kids running across the hall, whereas I just starred and sat down looking at the sharks in action.

Sea Life Bangkok

Glass Bottom Boat Ride

The glass bottom boat ride was a special first encounter and it was energizing to see that I could see through the base of my vessel. Each ride takes around ten minutes and there will be an English-talking staff on board who will acquaint you with the kinds of fish you can see, including sharks, stingrays and the sky is the limit from there.

Coral Reef

I had no clue that Coral reefs are genuine creatures and not plants. I constantly saw them as extremely alluring and great. I was happy that I got an opportunity to visit the pleasant coral reef in Sea Life and came so near various sorts of corals.

Seahorse Kingdom

When it comes to seahorses, it’s the male that gets pregnant and conceive an offspring. That is correct, while they are as yet the sperm makers, the females will move their eggs to the male’s stomach pocket and hatch them for 24 days before conceiving an offspring. Isn’t that an outright awesome truth? It’s incredible to realize that Sea Life devotes an entire segment to this charming seahorse realm however some of them can truly be difficult to spot while resting in their tanks.

Sea Life Bangkok
Sea Life Bangkok

Tropical Rainforest

The tropical rainforest drives you to a lower level in the aquarium and as you stroll through the lavish timberland, you can see spouting cascades, spot noxious dart frogs and be encompassed by gigantic tanks with large freshwater fishes.

I felt tired and exhausted but I was still full of enthusiasm as I still had more to see. Moving onto the second half of the journey.


Rockpool was the place where I could touch the starfish and come in such close contact with them. It felt like I have hit the bikini bottom and Patrick has become my friend.

Tropical Ocean

Inside the tropical ocean that contains a wide range of kinds of fish and corals. I was fortunate enough to get the bolstering session and the diver on duty giving high fives from inside the tank and even attempted to do underwater bubble ring tricks too!

Ocean Tunnel

It is one of the most extravagant features of Sea Life Bangkok so you better not miss it! With diverse aquariums, it feels very dreamlike to stroll through schools of fish and have sharks swimming right above and even towards you.

The stunning and outstanding part of this show is the Thai artefacts and figures that are incorporated both outside and within the tanks, which gives them a genuine and social worth. 

Sea Life Bangkok
Sea Life Bangkok


No aquarium feels whole without the nearness of the charming and entrancing jellyfish and I loved how they generally appear to enlighten the murkiness.

Penguin Ice Adventure

If you’re lucky enough then towards the finish of the adventure, these amazingly lovable creatures will fold their wings at you – correct, make proper acquaintance with the gentoo penguins! They were so hypnotizing and I was in wonderment simply watching them jump into the pool. This is how my Sea Life adventure ended with all smiles and no complaint of missing out on parties which I anyway ended up doing in the evening.

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