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Sputnik V Vaccine To Be available Soon In 9 more cities

Sputnik V Vaccine To Be available Soon In 9 more cities

Vaccine is the only effective way to beat the havoc of Corona. But there is a shortage of vaccine in the world. In such a situation, along with increasing the speed of vaccine manufacturing, the speed of vaccinating people is also being accelerated. In this episode, the third vaccine Sputnik has been approved in the country and it is also being given to the people in many cities. Now Russia’s Sputnik Sputnik V will soon be available in nine more cities of the country. Dr. Reddy’s Lab, a pharmaceutical company producing it in the country, gave this information.

The nine cities where Sputnik will soon be available are Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Baddi, Kolhapur and Miryalaguda. Dr Reddys Laboratories has announced that the Sputnik V, which started from Hyderabad, will now be launched in many cities of the country. Sputnik vaccine was started from Hyderabad on 14th of last month. Dr Reddys Laboratories has said that soon this vaccine will be delivered to these states.

Dr. Reddy’s Lab has said that its registration for the public on the Covin app has not been started yet. This registration will start after its commercial launch. Right now the initial phase of this vaccine is going on. In this phase, the company is testing its cold storage capacity. This vaccine has to be kept at minus 18 degree temperature. The company is also preparing its logistics resources before the vaccine is commercially introduced.

The pilot project is going smoothly. On the occasion of the commercial launch of the vaccine, the company will deliver the vaccine to all its partner hospitals. All necessary supply arrangements are being made for this, so that Sputnik-V can be delivered in suitable quantity at the appropriate time. Dr. Reddy’s Lab will release it for commercial use upon completion of the initial phase or pilot project.

Sputnik-V, prepared by the Gamleya Center of Russia, is more than 91 percent effective against the corona virus. According to a study presented by the Gamlaya Center for publication in an international peer-reviewed journal, Gamlaya’s Sputnik V vaccine is more effective against the delta virus strain of corona virus than the various vaccines currently available worldwide.

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