Story of Rajasthani Royal Thali

The Story of Rajasthani Royal Thali Served to Maharajas During Trip

Traditional Rajasthani Royal Thali

Indian food is famous across the globe because of the taste and cooking methods. Here in a country like India, every state has its own elaborate menu/ cuisine so thali is a perfect way to explore any regional cuisine. Rajasthan is known as the land of Maharajas which is famous for its rich culture and cuisine. Every tourist/ food lover must try Rajasthani platter when they plan to visit any of the states of Rajasthan, as your trip is incomplete without scrumptious dishes. 

We all know that Rajasthan is a dry state as people of this state know how to cook with milk, curd, cream and buttermilk to save water. Sharukh Khan went to tour in Rajasthan for promoting his film Jab Harry met Sejal, he visited Rajwada-Virasat Heritage Restaurant to grab a taste of traditional Rajasthani thali. He shared his fRajasthani ood story to the media.

Traditional Royal Rajasthani Thali Dishes

Every tourist wants to experience Rajasthali Royal Dish that served on a large plate which includes a variety of traditional dishes that are mentioned below:-

Dal Bati Churma

Rajasthani Royal Thali

Dal Bati Churma is one of the famous dishes of Rajasthan state as Rajasthani food is incomplete without this dish. The small, round Batis are dipped in a good desi ghee and served with a Panchmel dal and Churma makes the meal appetizing. Dal Bati Churma is a complete meal as it takes few efforts to cook as the batis can be cooked in huge batches and also stored for 5-6 days.


Rajasthani Royal Thali Dish - Gatte
Gatte – Served with Rajasthani Royal Thali

Besan Gatte is a famous cuisine of Rajasthan thali, as it is famous with many names Shahi Gatte, Govind Gatte, and Masala Gatte. Shahi Gatte or Masala Gatte are prepared with thick, spicy gravy and besan dumplings are stuffed with nuts and then deep-fried. You can eat Gatte Ki Sabji with rice or any kind of roti (bajra, makka or jowar).

Mawa Kachori

Rajasthani Royal Thali Dish - Mawa Kachori
Mawa Kachori – Traditional Rajasthani Sweet Dish

Mawa Kachori is a version of Kachori which is stuffed with dry fruits and khoya, deep-fried and then dipped into sugar syrup. If you are sweet lover, must have tried this dish after having lunch/ dinner as it is one of the tempting desserts. This is one Rajasthani sweet dish, part of Traditional royal Rajasthani Thali, you must not miss.


Rajasthani Royal Thali Dish - Kadhi
Pic@Archana’s Kitchen

Kadhi is the most common food of India as it is widely cooked in states like Maharashtra, Punjab, and Uttarakhand. Kadhi is the most famous food of Rajasthan as the Rajasthani Kadi is much spicier and mouth-watering than other states. This is a healthy and light dish that is to be eaten with white/ plain rice.

Laal Maas/Red Meat

Rajasthani Royal Thali - Laal Maas
Laal Maas – Mouth watering, Traditional, non-vegetarian Rajasthani dish

Lal Maas is one of the royal dishes of the non-vegetarian Rajasthani platter, as the name suggests it is purely red in color. There are tales on this dish. Lal Maas is so native to Rajasthan that you would not find the same flavor or taste in any other state other than Rajasthan. The gravy is prepared with red tomatoes, red chilies, and sizzling spices. It is too spicy and delicious in taste don’t forget to eat this mind-blowing Rajasthani food when you visit Rajasthan next time. Laal Maas with rice or bajra ki roti is a great combination to eat.

Mohan Maas

Rajasthani Royal Thali - Mohan Mass
Mohan Mass – Stuffed with nuts & dry fruits, prepared with milk & Cream

Mohan Mass is another royal dish of the non-vegetarian platter which is delicately cooked with meat. It is stuffed with nuts and dry- fruits and the gravy is prepared with milk and cream which enhances the taste of a dish.

You can also try more dishes like Gatta Saag, Wadi, Mohanthal, Pyaaz Kachori, Gujia, Ghevar, Kalakand and more.

If you are Rajasthan, Jaipur, you must not forget to visit the original Chokhi Dhani, Jaipur and experience the traditional culture of Rajasthan. Read more to know what Chokhi Dhani has to offer and things to do at Chokhi Dhani., Jaipur

Another royal dish, from the age of the Mughal era, not originating from Rajasthan though, is Biryani. Click to know its story & different kinds of Biryani.

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