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Sukhumvit 64/1 Road Collapse: Repairs Nearly Finished

Sukhumvit 64/1 Road Collapse: Repairs Nearly Finished

Bangkok, Thailand – In yet another road collapse incident in Bangkok, this time in front of Sukhumvit 64/1, two people were injured, further intensifying concerns about the city’s infrastructure. The collapse occurred around 11:40 AM on November 8, leaving a five-meter-long hole in the road and requiring a crane to remove the stuck truck.

Photo: Thai Enquirer

The victims of the collapse included a taxi driver and a food delivery rider, both of whom suffered injuries during the incident. Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt arrived at the scene to assess the situation and ensure a swift response.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the concrete slab forming the road was constructed above a utility tunnel, potentially contributing to the collapse. The leading theory is that an overweight truck was the primary cause of the incident.

Photo: Ktaya Boonyaratana on Facebook

According to statements from the truck driver, he had exited Soi 64 before reaching the site of the road collapse. Governor Chadchart indicated that the weight of the truck, which was carrying 45 tons, might have been a contributing factor.

This recent incident follows a similar road collapse on Si Ayutthaya Road on November 6, which was also suspected to be linked to an overweight truck or subpar road construction. Investigations are ongoing for both cases, and concerns are rising about the city’s road infrastructure.

Photo: Ktaya Boonyaratana on Facebook

The removal of the truck stuck in front of Sukhumvit 64/1, which took place at around 18:30, raised questions about whether the fill dirt the truck was carrying had been properly weighed, given the suspicion that the truck was overweight. As a result, authorities plan to conduct a weight test before reopening the affected road.

While there is good news for commuters in the Sukhumvit 64 area, with repairs progressing, there is still no estimated time for the road to reopen fully. The weight test will play a crucial role in determining the safety of the road and when it can safely accommodate traffic again.

Photo: Ktaya Boonyaratana on Facebook

The incidents have highlighted the importance of maintaining and upgrading Bangkok’s infrastructure to ensure the safety of its residents and commuters. As investigations continue into the causes of these collapses, local authorities are under pressure to address the potential issues plaguing the city’s roadways to prevent future accidents.

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