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Survey: 98 % People Have Made Lifestyle Change In Pandemic Times

Survey: 98 % People Have Made Lifestyle Change In Pandemic Times

About 98 percent of the people have made at least one change in their lifestyle during the lockdown. People have said this in a survey of Accenture Company. Also, according to this survey, these people say that they will keep this change in their habit throughout life.

In this survey conducted by Accenture, more than 9 thousand 650 people from 19 countries were involved. In this, 500 people from India participated in this survey. Everyone believed that most of the changes he has made in his habits will remain a part of his life for a long time. According to the survey, companies associated with shopkeepers, consumer goods and travel sector are now inventing new ways of delivering new products and services instead of thinking more on the corona pandemic.

According to Anurag Gupta, managing director of Accenture in India and leader of Strategy and Consulting, (companies are now slowly working on new ways of doing business instead of being troubled by the Corona pandemic.

During the pandemic, the trend of ‘work from home’ in the work area is big. Most of the people believe that in future, they would prefer to work from any place other than office and home. 87 percent of the people surveyed believe that they would like to work from a third place apart from office and home.57 percent of the people surveyed from India have said that they are not thinking about any new business travel after the epidemic. Also, are planning to cut more than half of the plans made before the business travel.

According to the people involved in the survey, many habits from their work to travel plans have changed forever. With this, many people have accepted the change in their shopping habits for a long time.

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