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Suvarnabhumi Airport’s SAT-1: A New Era in Airport Excellence

Suvarnabhumi Airport’s SAT-1: A New Era in Airport Excellence

Suvarnabhumi Airport, nestled under the stewardship of the Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited, has long been the country’s primary gateway, extending a warm welcome to tourists and businesspeople from across the globe. Renowned for its exceptional service quality and world-class security standards, Suvarnabhumi Airport has been pivotal in driving Thailand’s economy and tourism. As part of its unwavering commitment to excellence, Suvarnabhumi Airport is set to inaugurate the 1st Midfield Satellite Building, known as SAT-1, to the public on Thursday, September 28, 2023, as a crucial component of the Suvarnabhumi Airport Development Project, Phase-2.

Unveiling SAT-1

SAT-1 represents a monumental leap forward in Suvarnabhumi Airport’s evolution, designed to meet the ever-growing demands of passengers and air traffic. This impressive building spans an indoor usable area of 251,400 square meters, with an apron covering over 260,000 square meters. Scheduled for a soft opening on September 28, 2023, SAT-1 is poised to increase the airport’s annual passenger capacity from 45 million to a staggering 60 million.

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Innovative Design and Sustainability

One of the hallmarks of SAT-1 is its innovative design, constructed with modular techniques that prioritize speed and ease of maintenance. Sustainability takes center stage, with a focus on energy conservation and the use of natural light, underscoring Suvarnabhumi Airport’s commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

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A Closer Look Inside SAT-1

SAT-1 stands as a four-storey building, including two basements and several specialized areas:

  • B2 Level: Home to the Automated People Mover Station (APM Station).
  • B1 Level: Houses the system control room.
  • G Level: Accommodates the Baggage Handling System (BHS) and various offices.
  • Level 2: Dedicated to arrival passengers and those with flight connections.
  • Level 3: The departure area boasts an open gate style layout, along with shops lining the hallway.
  • 4th Floor: Reserved for passenger lounges, airline lounges, and other amenities.
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Seamless Connectivity

SAT-1 is seamlessly connected to the main terminal via an underground tunnel that stretches approximately one kilometer. Within this tunnel, passengers will find the APM system, the BHS, and two airside service roads, ensuring efficient transit.

APM: A Modern Conveyance

Passengers traveling to and from SAT-1 can enjoy the convenience of the Automated People Mover (APM), an unmanned electric vehicle with rubber wheels designed exclusively for passenger transport. This system ensures swift and comfortable transit, with a journey time of approximately three minutes and the capacity to carry up to 210 passengers per train per trip.

Art and Culture at Its Heart

SAT-1’s interior is a testament to the fusion of Thai identity with modern aesthetics. In the departure hall on the third floor, majestic metallic Himmapan elephants stand proudly, exemplifying Thai artistic excellence. The third floor itself is adorned with mythical Himmapan creatures, embracing ancient Thai beliefs, while the grand wood and glass Busabok thrones at both ends house Buddha images, adding to the cultural richness of the space.

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Cultural Showcase

The second floor, dedicated to arrival passengers, immerses travelers in a garden-themed environment that incorporates Thai arts and culture, including mini puppet theaters, grand shadow play, Khon masks, and traditional Thai kites.

Regional Toilets with a Unique Twist

Even the restrooms within SAT-1 reflect Thailand’s diverse regional cultures, with distinctive features from the country’s four regions incorporated into their design. These toilets also feature water-saving automation, aligning with sustainable practices.

Enhancing Aircraft Capacity

SAT-1 introduces 28 contact gate aircraft parking stands, accommodating 8 Code F Aircraft (e.g., A380 and B747-8) and 20 Code E Aircraft (e.g., B747 and A340). With 64 passenger loading bridges, including 24 under Code F and 40 under Code E, SAT-1 is prepared to handle a wide range of aircraft.

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Stringent Quality Assurance

SAT-1 has successfully passed rigorous system operational readiness tests, ensuring that it meets international standards for service, safety, and efficiency. Regulatory bodies have thoroughly inspected terminal apron areas, connecting taxiways, service roads, and various internal systems.

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A Bright Future for Suvarnabhumi Airport

SAT-1 at Suvarnabhumi Airport marks the beginning of a new era in airport excellence, promising a host of benefits for travelers and the aviation industry alike. As Thailand continues to recover its economy and revitalize tourism, SAT-1 stands as a symbol of pride, reaffirming Suvarnabhumi Airport’s status as a world-class aerodrome committed to sustainability and excellence. This remarkable addition is sure to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of travelers from around the world, ushering in a brighter future for Suvarnabhumi and Thailand as a whole.

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