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Telangana starts fever survey to fight covid

Telangana starts fever survey to fight covid

The central and state governments are taking several steps to prevent the havoc of Corona across the country. Meanwhile, the Telangana government has started a ‘Fever Survey’ campaign in the state. Its purpose is to identify the symptoms of fever or corona of the infected patients at home. So that the congestion in the hospitals can be stopped.

Door to door survey includes ANM, Anganwadi workers, ASHA workers and sanitation workers. They all go door-to-door and check all the family members with a thermal scanner to measure fever. If a family member finds symptoms of fever or corona, the team gives them a kit of medicines on the spot and advises them to isolate at home.

Individuals with fever or corona symptoms are taken to the primary center for checkup. Meanwhile, the team members will have to continue monitoring the patient’s health and get the patient admitted to the nearest hospital if the situation worsens.
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