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Ten Ways To Beat Fatigue

Ten Ways To Beat Fatigue

10 ways to beat fatigue & weakness

What is fatigue, its definition?

Fatigue is basically a lack of energy. Now, this is not confined to only a physical condition. It can also be a lapse mentally too. The person suddenly becomes very lethargic.

Causes of Fatigue – Why fatigue happens?

Fatigue reasons may be caused largely due to monotonous lifestyle or factors only the person may best know why. Fatigue can also occur due to a lack of stamina. they have less enthusiasm to strive hard like before and always complain of tiredness which can be a combination of fatigue and weakness. Therefore, it could be that the food they eat, may not energize them at all. the question is, is there a solution to it at all? Are the solutions mental or can they be solved through medicines?

Before attempting to find the truth behind that, we need to see the symptoms that lead to fatigue too.

Symptoms of Fatigue :

Fatigue symptoms may occur at any time or any given place, there are many other disorders that are equated as fatigue.
• A disease or ailment like Thyroid, anemia, Chronic fatigue syndrome, COPD, etc. These are treatable at the hospital and do cause drowsiness or tiredness, but cannot be called fatigue.
• A historical analysis of the patient’s health needs to be done to ascertain its only fatigue.

Ten ways to beat Fatigue

Breathing is a reflex action, which goes on without our concentrated effort to do so. That is good enough until a problem arises like fatigue. This would mean, that a person has not been breathing properly and needs to concentrate on it every day. Shallow breathing drops energy levels and results in fatigue. Therefore, if the person, takes deep breaths, in a concentrated fashion, the oxygen would be pumped into the respiratory system and thereby the bloodstream. Good energy is the result of deep breathing, to drive away fatigue.

Eating or Dieting Pattern :
One of the fatigue reasons is the possibility of people who tend to over-eat or eat at irregular intervals. There has to be a method to eating, and the stomach can accept only food to a particular extent. If one tends to overload the stomach, the digestive system does not function as fast it should. this would result in a strange kind of tiredness, as it is the biological system that is pulling you down. The best way to defeat fatigue is to eat minimum quantities and increase the number of times you consume. This will result in energy and you will stay fit.

An Active Life :
One requires an exercise regime, to get energized throughout the day. Exercise walking briskly or jogging keeps the vital organs busy and healthy, as oxygen gets pumped in. it is not confined to robust energy only, but to the nervous system also, which results in oxygen flowing into the brain chambers. Exercising not only helps fatigue go away but also enhances your quality of life, and results in great stamina levels.

The body has to be kept hydrated at all times. A regular cup of water at periodic intervals, would keep dehydration at bay, and cause less fatigue. one cannot perform any duties, by postponing thirst since one is busy with some other mundane activity. The blood circulation, and muscles would be hit badly, if the regular water intake is not maintained as its health benefits are many, and with that comes tiredness & fatigue. Make sure that you keep a bottle of water by your side so that you can drink water at regular intervals and keep the fatigue away

Avoid Late Night Activities :
The other way of defining this is to say, hit the bed early in the night. Sleep deprivation is one major reason for fatigue and many tend to stay up watching TV late at night or chatting on their mobiles and tend to wake up with fatigue and weakness the next day. A man should sleep for seven hours through the night and a lady at least eight. It is also equally important not to oversleep, and wake up early in the morning.

Try Not to Over learn or Over Think :
With so many technological advances, we tend to load our heads with others’ problems, which hardly matter to us. Just avoid an overload of thoughts and shut down all that is running in your head, so that your focus is maintained, and the brain is not taxed, for it to create fatigue. So, it is important to shut your brain when not required to avoid fatigue and mental exhaustion.

Be Optimistic All the Time :
A train of positive thoughts would result in positive results only. For a human to be pessimistic all the while, the results would be
unwarranted negative thoughts and drain of energy talking and thinking about it. A positive mind leads to better thoughts, better oxygen flow which keeps fatigue at bay.

Entertain Yourself :
Boredom is a part of everyone’s lives and can’t escape it. Take a break often from your life or mundane chores and listen to some music. It may help you dance a bit too, and in time would take you on a nostalgia trip. Even a book is exciting. Singing along with the music is also a good way to remove fatigue.

Do Not Hold Emotions :
Another fatigue reasons is holding back thoughts, which have to be necessarily spoken out, which would cause mental turmoil, leading to fatigue. therefore, it is imperative to speak up your mind, If the situation permits. Mulling the same thoughts in your head would cause brain fatigue.

A Cat Nap Leads to Power :

Since you are awake from early morning, and the day’s activities are endless and tiring, a short nap would be the best way to energize yourself.

Even if it means sleeping for just a while, it boosts your energy to efficiently handle the rest of the day and get rid of fatigue.

As seen above, fatigue reasons are caused by ourselves with hardly any interference from any external factors. If that is the fact, the solution to fatigue problems also lies within ourselves for wellness. Yes, one may have got into a habitual life, which may prove detrimental on the long run, but resetting it once in a while would help you lead a life free of fatigue and everlasting positivity.

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