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Thai Cuisine Ranked 17th In List Of 100 Best Cuisine In The World

Thai Cuisine Ranked 17th In List Of 100 Best Cuisine In The World

The website TasteAtlas has given Thai cuisine a score of 4.48. This website features recipes and food reviews from critics all over the world. Italy holds the top position with a score of 4.65, followed closely by Japan and Greece with scores of 4.65 and 4.64 respectively.

TasteAtlas has recorded a total of 395,205 dish ratings and 115,660 food product ratings from different countries for their annual 100 Best Cuisine list.

“Based on these ratings, we have extracted the top 50 food items for each cuisine and ranked the cuisines based on the average ratings of their best-rated dishes and food products,” they explained.

TasteAtlas, on Tuesday, unveiled its compilation of the top 100 dishes worldwide, determined by the ratings it garnered over the past year.

Securing the coveted title of the best-rated dish for 2023 is the Brazilian meat cut known as Picanha. Following closely behind are the Malaysian bread Roti Canai and the Thai stir fry Phat Kaphrao, alternatively spelled as Pad Grapao, in third position.

Previously recognized as the “Best Stir-Fries in the World 2023” by TasteAtlas in September, this beloved Thai dish is crafted from a delectable combination of meat, chili, and basil.

In addition, the website has thoughtfully recommended a selection of Thai restaurants for both enthusiasts and visitors of Thai cuisine. These establishments include Por Pochaya in Phra Nakhon, Bangkok; Plu in Sathon, Bangkok; Mae Pom Roti in Ayutthaya, and Dan Chicken & Rice in Chiang Mai.

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