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Thailand Achieves Record 23 Million Tourists, Generates 981.69 Billion Baht in 2023

Thailand Achieves Record 23 Million Tourists, Generates 981.69 Billion Baht in 2023

In a remarkable turn of events, Thailand has set a new record in tourism as the number of foreign arrivals for the year has soared past the 23-million mark, contributing a staggering revenue of 981.69 billion baht. Tourism and Sports Minister Sudawan Wangsuphakijkosol disclosed this information on Tuesday, citing data from the ministry’s permanent secretariat.

From January 1 to November 12, a total of 23,241,338 foreign tourists explored the vibrant landscapes of Thailand, significantly boosting the kingdom’s economic growth. The top five nationalities that flocked to Thailand in 2023 include Malaysia with 3,824,445 visitors, China with 2,902,462, South Korea with 1,375,958, India with 1,354,712, and Russia with 1,170,203.

According to the Economics Tourism and Sports Division of the secretariat, the week of November 6-12 witnessed a notable surge in arrivals, with 611,121 foreigners entering the country, averaging approximately 87,303 tourists daily. Minister Sudawan attributed this spike to the Diwali holidays in Malaysia and Singapore, highlighting that Malaysian arrivals alone surged to 49,919, marking a 28.65% increase from the previous week.

Anticipating a continued influx, Sudawan expressed her expectations of more tourists arriving in the coming weeks. She attributed this optimism to an increased number of flights and the onset of the cold winter in tourists’ home countries. Additionally, she emphasized that the recent waiver of visa fees for tourists from China, Kazakhstan, and India, along with extended visas for Russians, is likely to further boost tourist numbers before the end of the year.

As Thailand continues to be a preferred destination for global travelers, the tourism sector’s robust performance reflects the country’s allure and the successful implementation of strategic initiatives to attract visitors from diverse regions.

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