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Thailand Wins Best Tourist Destination Outside Europe

Thailand Wins Best Tourist Destination Outside Europe

Thailand has been honored with the prestigious title of “Best Destination Outside Europe” at the Danish Travel Awards 2023. The award ceremony, organized by Travelmedia Nordic, a leading digital travel media platform in the Nordic region, took place in Copenhagen on October 4, gathering over 500 professionals from the travel, tourism, and aviation sectors.

This marks the first time that Thailand has clinched the esteemed award in the event’s 26-year history. The Danish Travel Awards, known for recognizing outstanding contributions to the travel industry, utilized a survey conducted by Epinion, a Danish analytical institution, to determine the winners. The survey involved 3,000 Danish consumers and covered three main categories: airlines and travel, hotels and tourism in Denmark, and foreign tour operators.

In addition to the traditional categories, the Danish Travel Awards introduced five special awards this year, highlighting various aspects of the travel industry. Among these, Thailand secured the coveted “Best Destination Outside Europe” award, emphasizing its allure and popularity among Danish tourists.

Thailand’s success is not only reflected in the award but also in the increasing number of Danish visitors. Data from January to September this year indicates that Thailand welcomed over 19 million foreign tourists, with more than 80,000 hailing from Denmark during the first half of the year alone. This marks a significant upswing compared to the previous year, showcasing the nation’s enduring appeal.

As the winter season approaches, it is anticipated that the number of Danish tourists visiting Thailand will continue to rise. This presents a golden opportunity for Thai businesses to capitalize on the growing influx, enhancing their products and services to meet international standards and cater to the preferences of this expanding target audience. By doing so, Thai businesses can solidify their market presence and further establish Thailand as a top-notch travel destination.

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