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Thailand’s Constitution Day 2023

Thailand’s Constitution Day 2023

Every year on December 10th, Thailand celebrates Constitution Day as a national holiday. This day is of great importance to the Thai people as it marks the adoption of a constitutional monarchy in 1932. Along with Thai Father’s Day, which is celebrated a few days before, this day holds a special place in the hearts of the citizens of Thailand. On this day, all government offices, schools, and banks are closed, and people participate in various parades, fireworks, and festivities. If the holiday falls on a weekend, a “substitution holiday” is observed on the following Monday, as is the case with other public holidays in Thailand.

History of Thailand’s Constitution Day

Dating back to 1932, the history of this day can be attributed to King Rama VII’s endorsement of Thailand’s first constitution. This pivotal moment set the stage for the country’s evolution into a constitutional monarchy, with the monarchy retaining its position and the King serving as the head of state. On December 10th, 1932, Thailand underwent a complete transformation from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy. In November 1937, the first direct elections for the legislature were conducted, further solidifying this transition.

Bangkok’s Democracy Monument

The Democracy Monument in Bangkok is a prominent public monument situated in the heart of the city on Ratchadamnoen Avenue. It symbolizes the 1932 constitution and is surrounded by several iconic buildings that are being constructed as a tribute to the country and King Rama V’s vision for the avenue to be a source of pride. General Plaek Phibunsongkhram once said that the monument would be the center of all prosperity and progress, and it stands tall on a turret with two golden offering bowls and is protected by four wing-like structures.

How is Thailand’s Constitution Day celebrated?

The celebration of Thailand’s Constitution Day is complete with the display and reverence of portraits of the country’s monarchs, which is a significant aspect of the festivities.

In modern days, parades and fireworks are also common festivities so here are some activities that visitors can do on Thailand’s Constitution Day:

  • Attend the parades in Bangkok

Witness the traditional parades in Bangkok as a way to celebrate Thailand’s Constitution Day and show appreciation for the king’s images displayed across the country.

  • Enjoy firework displays

Gather your loved ones and witness the spectacular fireworks displays that are common during this holiday celebration.

  • Celebrate with family and friends, and make the most of the long weekend during Thailand’s Constitution Day by spending quality time with your family and friends, and creating cherished memories together.

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