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Thailand’s Vice President of Tourism Joins “Good Guy Run 2023”

Thailand’s Vice President of Tourism Joins “Good Guy Run 2023”

In a spirited effort to promote healthy living and tackle corruption, Mrs. Somsong Sachaphimukh, the Vice President of the Tourism Council of Thailand, laced up her running shoes yesterday for the “Good Guy Run 2023.” The event, held from 04:00 to 08:00 at the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) grounds, saw a remarkable turnout of over 2,000 enthusiastic participants.

Organized by the NACC in collaboration with the Anti-Corruption Organization (Thailand), the Office of the Health Promotion Foundation, and the Confederation of Thai Walking-Running Clubs for Health, the event aimed to highlight the importance of integrity and healthy lifestyles. The unique twist to this run was its focus on combating cheating, aligning with the spirit of International Anti-Corruption Day.

Mrs. Sachaphimukh, an avid supporter of community well-being, not only participated in the opening ceremony but was also honored as an award recipient for her commitment to promoting tourism and fostering a culture of honesty and fairness.

The “Good Guy Run 2023” featured a dynamic walking-running schedule that kept participants engaged and entertained. From quirky obstacle courses to themed pit stops, the event was designed to make a serious statement about anti-corruption efforts while maintaining a lighthearted and fun atmosphere.

“I am thrilled to see so many people coming together for such a meaningful cause. Combining the fight against corruption with a healthy activity like walking and running is a creative way to engage the community,” Mrs. Sachaphimukh remarked with a smile.

Participants, donned in colorful running gear and sporting smiles as vibrant as their outfits, showcased unity and solidarity in the collective pursuit of a corruption-free society. The event successfully struck a balance between promoting a serious message and providing a joyous experience for everyone involved.

As the sun rose over the NACC grounds, it illuminated not just the track but the spirit of camaraderie and determination that filled the air. The “Good Guy Run 2023” exemplified how a community can come together for a good cause while having a great time.

In the spirit of fun and positivity, the event concluded with a festive award ceremony, where participants and organizers alike celebrated the success of the run and the shared commitment to a brighter, more transparent future.

The “Good Guy Run 2023” serves as a shining example of how a simple idea can bring people together, create awareness, and make a positive impact on society. As the participants crossed the finish line, it was evident that in the race against corruption, every step counts, and yesterday, thousands took giant leaps toward a more ethical and healthy Thailand.

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