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The Best Nightclubs Which Make the Nightlife in Goa Truly Lively

The Best Nightclubs Which Make the Nightlife in Goa Truly Lively

Excerpts: Check out these incredible nightclubs, which make the nightlife in Goa more ecstatic with their magnificent vibes.

Goa, a place that almost everyone in India dreams of having a tour of at least once in his or her lifetime. And, if you are, by any chance, from the northern parts of India, there are high chances that you must have planned a trip to Goa with your friends. While a lot of people think that Goa is all about the beautiful beaches, fancy hotels and bathing in the waves under the bright sun, let us tell you that it is much more than that. The actual life and fun start in Goa when the sun goes down. And, if you love the nightlife, trust us, Goa is a paradise for you! The reason being is that you will find the people of Goa and tourists – be it local or international – always in a happy mood throughout the year. Besides, no matter what the season is, the nightlife in Goa is just amazing.

So, if you are also fond of the enchanting nightlife, the northern part of Goa is what you should be looking for. Goa is divided into two districts i.e. North Goa and South Goa. Though both the districts have many beautiful beaches; however, the ambience is altogether different at both the places. While South Goa is comparatively tranquil and less crowded, north Goa is full of nightclubs and beach parties. Hence, for nightlife and party lovers, North Goa is a bliss.

Let us now take a look at some of the best nightclubs, bars and beach shacks that make the nightlife in Goa more enjoyable and incredible one.

Curlies at South Anjuna Beach

Curlies is one of the best nightclubs that offer you a truly amazing experience of the nightlife in Goa. It offers a wide range of delicious dishes and cocktails in its menu that will surely bring the water in your mouth. Besides, Curlies has a fantastic beachfront view, which makes your night even more ecstatic. Curlies takes on DJs not only from various parts of India but around the world as well. The music starts in the evening at 5 approximately and with the sun setting down, the nightlife becomes even more energetic and lively.

Chronicle at Vagator Beach

Chronicle is also located in the northern district of Goa and is known as the Little Vagator. Here, you will have a spectacular view of the splendid sunset while enjoying the live and fantastic music. Chronicle is not only a restaurant but also a cocktail bar, which gives you the magnificent vibes. It also has an open air dance floor for dance lovers. What makes it more effervescent and sparkling is that it is positioned at the rocky Vagator cliff, which enhances your party experience even more. Moreover, the Chronicle is equally pleasant for both the people who visit it for either clubbing or enjoying the delicious food while relaxing.

Soro – The Village Pub, Assagao

Soro – The Village Pub is altogether a distinctive experience in the realm of the nightlife in Goa. What makes the Soro – The Village Pub different from other pubs and nightclubs in Goa is that it gives you a retro pub experience. The ambience and music of the Soro – The Village Pub is quite soothing and pacifying. Besides, it offers a wide range of delightful cuisine that enhances your clubbing experience all the more. Furthermore, on selected days, Soro – The Village Pub offers amazing live music as well. Other than that, Soro – The Village Pub is a luxurious venue for pre-wedding events as well. The pub is quite spacious and owns superlative amenities.

Hill Top at Vagator Beach

Hill Top is one of the most iconic destinations for partying and clubbing in Goa. It serves an innumerable number of people from across the globe every year. Hill Top is a must visit place to know how is the actual nightlife in Goa. It is a legendary place for trance parties and full of life from 5 pm to 10 pm strict. Hill Top hires amazing international DJs who play such pulsing beats that you will be completely lost in the music and aura. It is a perfect place for everyone including local and international tourists, urban rovers and even the old school hippies.

SinQ Night Club at Candolim

SinQ Night Club is one of the best party destinations where you can have the pleasure of the nightlife in Goa. Every year, it welcomes nomads from around the world and offers a great experience for partying, eating, relaxing and living through the best nightlife of Goa. What makes us adding SinQ Night Club in this list is that it is quite buoyant and gives you soothing vibes. SinQ Night Club is the perfect combination of a flamboyant nightclub, a stylish poolside deck, contemporary pub and sophisticated lounge. You will get everything at one venue where you can either choose to loaf around while having a few drinks, revel in the barbeque fare, have the pleasure of contemporary Goan delicacies and party away at the nightclub.

Leopard Valley at Canacona

If you are visiting the Southern district of Goa, there is an amazing nightclub, which makes your night unforgettable. Leopard Valley is one of the enormous open air dance clubs that offer you vibrant laser light shows with explosive music played by the local and international DJs every week on Friday nights. South Goa has a handful of nightclubs in which Leopard Valley is the latest players. Located far away from the famous sites for partying in Goa, Leopard Valley offers you natural surroundings. Parties at Leopard Valley go on and on until the very mornings. So, if you are visiting South Goa, you have this amazing place where you can experience an incredible nightlife in Goa.

Marbela Beach Resort at Morjim

Marbela Beach Resort is another report that has an open air oceanfront lounge. The resort comes into life by the sunset and carries on with lavish accommodations and rocking music featuring the local and international DJs till 10 pm. The Marbela Beach Resort has state-of-the-art amenities and also offers Marbela Spa and fashion boutique to the visitors. The resort offers an all-white theme décor, which gives it a luxurious appearance.

Most of the parties and nightlife of Goa take place in the Northern district of Goa as it has a wide range of beautiful beaches that offers remarkable nightlife in Goa. Owing to having a great number of nightclubs in Goa, it is somewhat difficult to tag a particular one as the best nightclub in Goa. However, the ones that we mentioned above are surely some of the finest nightclubs that will give you a spectacular experience of the nightlife in Goa.

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