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The Controversy Over Web Series ‘The Family Man 2’

The Controversy Over Web Series ‘The Family Man 2’

The trailer of the second season of Manoj Bajpayi web series ‘The Family Man’ was released on Wednesday. The trailer has also come into controversy with its release. There is a lot of anger in South India about the trailer. On the new web series ‘The Family Man 2’ of Amgen Company’s video streaming service Prime Video, the Tamil rebels fighting for their interests in Sri Lanka have become concerned about linking with the Islamic terrorist organization ISIS. Ever since the trailer’s release, social media has been accused of being anti-Tamil of the series.

People on social media have started referring to ‘Family Man 2’ against Tamil interests soon after the release of the trailer. There are allegations that this series is presenting the Tamils ​​on screen like terrorists and this is an attempt to discredit the years-long struggle in Sri Lanka.

The social heroine of the series, Samantha Akkineni, is also being accused of this whole issue on social media. No statement has been issued by Prime Video at this time. ‘The Family Man 2’ will start airing on Prime Video from June 4. The story of the series is the story of a detective Shrikant Tiwari. Manoj Bajpayi is playing these characters in the series. Other actors in the series include Sharib Hashmi, Neeraj Madhav, Pawan Chopra, Gul Panag and Shreya Dhanwantari.

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